Do I need a website renovation?

There are many reasons why a business website requires updating or renovation. One of the main reasons is that information initially input on the site is no longer applicable to the business’s focus (product line changes, new products or even just a change in packaging) or the information needs updating (i.e., a change to phone number or business address). However it is common that the website becomes ineffective and no longer generates or attracts enough visitors or maybe that whilst the visitor numbers remain constant the site no longer converts. It is vitally important to remain up to date with regard to customer expectations and also the changing tastes and needs of your customers. Additionally websites that do not update periodically tend to gradually drop in Google search rankings. As a business it is important that one of your main assets in attracting visitors achieves the goals that you want. This is even more important now than ever considering that a high percentage of buying decisions and product research is made by your customers online.

Whatever the reason, it is always important that the reason why the business website needs renovation or updating is clearly identified prior to any work being done on the website. This is particularly particularly important for a small business considering updating their online presence or website as they face many budgetary restraints.

At Smarter Web Solutions we understand the needs of small businesses and work closely with you through the initial consultation process to ensure that the necessary changes to your site are identified and that we work within your budget to achieve these changes.


Guidelines to achieve a successful website update or renovation

1. Identify your budget

As with any marketing decision for a small business it is important that you have clearly identified your budget. Having a budget range allows you to ensure you get value for money. Ensure that before engaging a web developer, make sure you have a fixed budget range to work on, and that the contracted deliverables are clearly identified.

However, whilst your budget is important it is vital that your website developer understands your needs and listens to your requirements. Many web developers have preconceived ideas or a even a cookie cutter approach to their website designs.We believe in delivering high quality websites that meet all your online needs.

2. Identify your customers needs

At Smarter Web Solutions we will assist you if required to identify your customer needs. We talk to you personally to ensure not only that you are happy that we can deliver on your requirements but also that we understand what your business wants and to ensure we have a clear understanding of who your customers are.

It is essential that your website presents the ideal interface between your business and your customers online. We specialise in delivering innovative, customer focused websites that address your business needs.

3. Clearly identify the areas that need improvement.

Identify what is not working on your website. Make a thorough run-through of your website to identify those areas that have contributed to your website becoming ineffective. This way, you can streamline your renovation activity and save money by only updating the particular areas of the website that need addressing and not as a whole. This is an essential activity and is very important prior to meeting with any web developer. At Smarter Web Solutions e can assist you through this process or if required conduct this review for you.

  1. Is it lack of visitors?
  2. Is it failure of those visitors to convert to sales?
  3. Is it a lack of engagement with your visitors?
  4. Is it just that the site looks tired and uninviting?
  5. Maybe it is a combination of 2 or more of these areas that are impacting your website.

Each of these issues requires a different approach to the website renovation, it is not a one size fits all approach and therefore your needs are most likely to be met by smaller, more nimble web design company.

Focus on what is wrong, and then stick with it. This is useful as you are more focused on what the changes to be made are.

4. Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is just as important during a website renovation as it is during the initial build. What are your competitors doing? What works for them? Why? Have customer needs changed over time? What is ranking in Google search? Why?

Again we are able to assist you through this phase so that you understand what it is we are endeavouring to achieve during your website renovation.

5. Be involved

Your website is an extremely important component of your online presence. Many small businesses find this to be out of their league but it is important to have an understanding of how a website works. Relying too much on web designers to do the updates on your website is not really recommended. Ideally you want to be looking after certain aspects of the website updates that can be done by you e.g. if you are having a sale next week you don’t want to be chasing down your web developer to see if he is available.

This is something that you should be able to do yourself. You can actually do most of the work on the updating while leaving the technical stuff for your web designer to do for you. As part of any of our website design or renovations we will spend time with you to enable you to be able to make these simple changes. However, if you require ongoing support in managing your website we are able to provide ongoing services to assist you.

6. Ongoing maintenance

Many businesses seem to think that a website is like a static display, however it is much more like your shopfront. From time to time you need to make changes where it be changes due to the seasons or just that peoples tastes change over time. It is important that you keep your website up to date to ensure that it presents the ultimate customer experience.

Small business website maintenance is just about the same as any other maintenance programs related to your business. It should be performed periodically in order to remain effective and useful in providing leads and profit generation.


If you have any questions or require more information regarding website renovation or any or the services we provide, you can contact us by clicking on the button below. We are only too happy to help and look forward to being of service to you.

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