Which Digital Marketing Strategies Work Best?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services through electronic media. Recent innovations in the internet have radically transformed the dynamics of business marketing.

Traditional media is no longer the only option for marketing. This has enabled small businesses and self-employed individuals to market their products and services without having to pay for expensive traditional media. However, the trick is to understand the different strategies and to use ones that resonate with your business and your target market. Digital marketing needs to become an integral part of your business marketing strategy.

Many businesses have taken a do-it-yourself approach to their digital marketing only to find that they have wasted valuable dollars.

It is important that your digital marketing streams all integrate seamlessly into one coherent strategy. Digital marketing works best when the the various streams integrate seamlessly as this improves the user experience of your visitors and they are more likely to become customers.

This is also beneficial for the consumers. Digital marketing media provides a more convenient way for them to express their feedback about certain products directly to the marketing agents or the business owners themselves.

Digital marketing also makes it possible for people to interact and discuss concerns, express appreciation, or simply connect with fellow audience or patrons of the product. One of the main benefits of digital marketing is the almost immediate indication if your strategy is working or not.

The key to thrive in digital marketing is to have a wide knowledge and deep insight about your prospects.

Digital Marketing Avenues

There are several digital marketing strategies you can utilise to promote your business.

Each has their own strengths, weaknesses, specific target groups, and other unique characteristics. Being familiar with each of them will help you maximise the benefits of digital marketing. Your aim is to utilise those strategies that are most effective for your target market.

Following is an in-depth analysis of major digital marketing strategies:

Cost Effective SEO Services Adelaide

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, simply refers to the optimising of content and technical details of your website in order to have greater reach and rank higher in search engine results. It involves good practices for excellent digital marketing.

Some properties of a well-optimized website are engaging and highly-relevant contents, well-structured and user-friendly website, and credible information.


Probably the most important benefit of SEO is the fact that the presence of people in search engines is guaranteed.

It is estimated that 93% of all activities online begins in a search engine. Hence, investing for SEO is very important for the success of your business.

As opposed to paid advertisements whose goal is to “push” a product towards people, the goal of SEO is to “pull” them using high-quality web contents. When people search, it means that they are already interested about your product or service.

Lastly, SEO delivers long-term benefits. It can provide a steady flow of income.


One of the major disadvantages of SEO is the intense competition. There are thousands, of businesses competing to rank among the highest in search engines, many of them competing directly with your business online.

SEO takes time to fully come into effect. Add to this the ever changing algorithm of search engines which is unknown to the public.

Cost Effectiveness

SEO is the most cost effective digital marketing media.This is the method of promotion that continues to work and in fact gets better the longer that you implement these strategies.

Paid advertisements are good for having immediate profits, but SEO is for long-term returns.

Typical Response Rate

The typical response rate for SEO marketing campaigns is in direct proportion to the quality of your website. A good response rate is a sure outcome of excellent digital marketing practices.


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Content Marketing to Drive your Online Presence

Content marketing is a method of attracting customers by providing value, usually relevant information, for your prospects. Instead of merely pushing your product, your aim in content marketing is to deliver useful content for your audience.

Content marketing also aims to build deeper relationship with your customers that would result to long-term business profit.


Many people today seem to be already allergic with ads that are too pushy. Content marketing effectively reaches those kind of people. It builds the trust and loyalty of the customers.

Good content is also essential for other digital marketing media such as SEO.


As with SEO, profits from content marketing is not instant. It takes a longer amount of time to just focus on providing value for your audience.

It may also take a lot of resources to do content marketing using other materials such videos and infographics.

Cost Effectiveness

Content marketing usually demands a fairly large initial cost, well written content does cost money to produce. However, it is likely that it will generate long-term income in the future.

The cost effectiveness of content marketing mainly depends upon the quality of content you are providing and the media you are using to deliver the content.

Typical Response Rate

Content marketing has a very high response rate. In fact, the high quality content is the main reason for a higher response rate in any other digital marketing media. It allows your visitors to connect with your business, it also allows you to provide the information that your customers are after.

Facebook Ads for New Business Leads

Facebook is currently the biggest and fastest-growing social media. One of Facebook ad’s edge over other digital marketing media is its ability to target a well-defined audience.

The purchasing of Facebook ads is auction-based where you will be charged based on clicks, impressions, or certain actions of your audience with regards to your ads.


Facebook is currently the most popular social media with over a billion active users. Its users include representatives from almost all social groups. You can reach your target group easily with a reasonable cost.

Facebook enables you to establish brand awareness and build relationship with your clients. It can also serve as a means to sense your customers’ feel about your product or service offers.

You are able to target your ads to specific demographics, age groups even localities.


Using Facebook ads however requires that you closely monitor your page in order to address customers’ feedback immediately.

It requires a consistent effort to keep your customers’ satisfaction high and attract new clients. A solution to this is to hire a social media manager.

In addition, the competition in Facebook marketing is getting more and more intense due to the increasing number of fellow marketers. The cost of ad campaigns is set through bidding.

This can be a disadvantage especially for smaller businesses as the amount of exposure will be determined by the amount budget allotted for a campaign.

Cost Effectiveness

There are a lot of factors affecting the cost effectiveness of a Facebook ad. One way to assess it is to calculate the number of positive reactions are getting from your ads and compare it with the amount of money you are investing. You can use Facebook Insights to do this.

Typical Response Rate

Facebook ads have a fairly good typical response rate.

One factor for this is its ability to connect with customers on a more personalized level.

Google Ads for Driving New Leads

The advertisement service offered by Google is called Google AdWords or simply AdWords. The AdWord program enables businesses to set a budget for their advertisement and pay according to the number of those who clicked the ad.

You can set keywords that, when searched by people, might show your ad. Clicking your Google Ad will then direct people to your website.


Google Ads are measurable. This means that you can precisely determine the amount of money you have to spend to obtain a particular result.

AdWords are also able to provide highly-relevant result to customers. This is because your ranking in search results do not just depend on the amount you paid on auction but also on other essential factors such as the number of your ad’s Click Through Rate (CTR).


There is a chance however that you will fail to hit the right audience for your ad. A successful Google AdWord campaign also requires massive amount of time, effort, and manpower. A misdirected adwords account could end up costing a lot of money in failed advertising.

Cost Effectiveness

Google ads are highly cost effective. You got to pay when someone clicked your ad and it is you who will set how much you want to spend. There is also a great chance to increase your traffic without having to pay more especially if you will hire a professional.

Typical Response Rate

The response rate for Google ads is also very high. A high response rate is a natural product of providing prospects with highly-relevant results.

Youtube Marketing for your Adelaide Business

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Video marketing is a growing trend.

Currently, there are over 1,300,000,000 YouTube users all over the world. Hence, there is no doubt that a bulk of digital marketing us shifting towards video marketing.


The major advantage of YouTube for marketing is the fast and constant growth of its users.

It is estimated that there are about 300 hours of video uploaded on YouTube per minute. There are approximately 30 million YouTube visitors daily.

Statistics also show that 6 out of 10 people like video platforms such as YouTube better than TV.


Despite of its many benefits, YouTube marketing still has some drawbacks.

One of which is that YouTube can place advertisements of other businesses in your own video. This may deviate prospects away right from your video, hurting your brand.

Viewers may also sometimes experience slow playback when the traffic is high.

Cost Effectiveness

YouTube is more cost-effective than TV.

This is especially true when used with quality content and aimed at the right audience. Typically, less than a dollar of payment is required per view.

Typical Response Rate

Study shows that viewers are more receptive to ads on YouTube than on Facebook. People response to videos more because they are highly appealing.

Effective Email Marketing for your Business

Email marketing refers to the process of sending emails to prospects to turn them into customers. In a broader sense, it can refer to the act of sending email to any prospect.


Email marketing allows you to send more personalized messages to your clients with a wide variety of design.

Email marketing is scaleable. It can reach a broad audience or a smaller and more targeted one as you prefer.


Overusing email marketing can turn off your prospects. Take note that many people are already receiving enormous amounts of emails daily.

So make sure that you send emails purposefully, to the carefully-selected audience, and with proper timing.

Another major disadvantage of email marketing is the size limit. An email marketer must limit the amount of images included in the email. Having too much images would cause opening it to take longer and might lose the interest of your audience.

Cost Effectiveness

Email marketing is cost-effective especially when compared to traditional marketing. It is estimated that email marketing generates $40 for every $1 you invest.

Typical Response Rate

Study shows that mailing list is still the best method of direct marketing and has the highest response rate.

We Can Help Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is currently the major source of entertainment of most people. It is also increasingly becoming a main provider of quality information.

The focus of social media marketing is to establish brand presence in major social media sites. It aims to connect with the audience, gather feedback, and create a community around the product all in a more personal level.


Mobile phones are the most widely-used devices as of today. So making an effort to reach audience through their phones will certainly lead to profitable business interactions.

Another huge advantage of social media marketing is its free. You can also choose to upgrade your social media marketing campaign at a reasonable price.


Social media imposes greater risk of your brand having a negative image just by one negative feedback from a person if you failed to manage it well.

Social media marketing also demands massive amount of time, effort, and resources. This can lead to stress and burnout.

Cost Effectiveness

Measuring the cost effectiveness of social media is not that simple. The cost of ads is generally not that expensive. However, its effectiveness largely depends upon the quality of content and its relevance to the targeted audience.

Typical Response Rate

The typical response rate to social media marketing is relatively high. Its response rate can be measured on criteria such as the number of reactions, comments, and clicks on your posts and advertisements.

Latest Digital Trends can Drive your Business Further

Along with ever improving technological innovations are radical changes in the digital marketing landscape. Probably the most important is the shifting of all digital marketing platforms to more customer-centered marketing programs.

Recent statistic shows that the most used device are mobile phones. This means that you have to focus on creating mobile-friendly marketing strategies. This is most effectively done using the social media.

In a recent survey, most business owners agreed that content marketing is the most important digital marketing media for their business this 2018. It is followed by Big Data or the massive sets of data that can be used to determine trends and patterns of human behaviour. Placing the third spot is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Digital marketing media will also focus on developing a more personalized experience for its users.

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